Welcome to 369 SQN - Belgian Vintage Aircraft Association

369 Squadron was originally created at Brasschaat on July 1st 1947 as an AOP squadron and it became operational on July 31, 1947. It was redesignated No 15 Squadron AOP in February 1948 and so the designation "369" disappeared in time.

In 2010 it was brought back to life by a number of ex Belgian Air Force vintage aviation enthusiasts by reviving it as "369 Squadron - Belgian Vintage Aircraft Association". It' s goal is to restore and preserve Belgium's unique aeronautical heritage in flying condition and to unite owners, operators and aviation enthusiasts.

Operating from several Belgian airfields, including Zoersel and Brasschaat Airfield, the cradle of Belgian Aviation and one of Europe's oldest military airfields, the museum strives to preserve Belgian Aviation History for future generations and to promote aviation as a whole.

369 Squadron - Belgian Vintage Aircraft Association not only intends to unite owners of vintage aircraft to display their collection on the ground as well as in the air at venues at home and abroad. It aims to inspire young and old and wants to enable them to discover the developments in Belgian Aviation History within a technical, social, cultural and historic context. Consequently, our motto is "You don't have to own one, you don't have to be able to fly one, you just have to love them ! " Of course, preserving the aircraft in flying condition is paramount in the activities of the organisation, but an active social life is as well. Therefore, during the year, the association will organise several events so as to cater to every members' needs.

If you would like to join our organisation just send us a message via our contact page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Keep'em flying and hope to see you soon!